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Although I would probably like premium membership, I'm not using these points for that. I'm going to use it for my friends, watchers, other people who likes some of my work and people whose work I like. It will either be some paint packs, cake badges, premium membership, or just some points for themselves. It doesn't matter how many points you donate, any amount will do.

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But there are rules for the stories:
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It was about three to four years ago when I had accidentally discovered this site. Or maybe it was according to fate that I stumbled upon an artist's video that displayed her artwork. Her works had truly amazed me at the time (mostly because they were so darn cute!) and I ended up stalking I mean checking that persons gallery almost every day waiting for new updates.
Um... swine flu? by Nicktoonacle Light in the Darkness by Nicktoonacle Custodes Lucis by Nicktoonacle All better by Nicktoonacle Werewolf Timmy FTW by Nicktoonacle
Eventually I had grown tired of waiting and set out on my own to explore, although it was mainly just for more fan art, mostly based on these guys.

By the end of the school year, I had officially created my own account so that I may also create things and share them with the world. Although by that time I found that more of my talent and skill lies in writing, not drawing.

Anybody Who Cares-Ch 1I have to do this. It won't be so hard to say goodbye. It's not like anyone cares.
This all started on Monday. After another day at school of Crocker failing me, Trixie rejecting me, and Francis beating me up, I went home only to find my parents getting ready for a special evening-without me. They left me with my evil babysitter, Vicky. As usual, she made me do all the chores while she just watches TV. After I finished my chores and most of my homework, I started playing on my V-cube. I barely started the first level of my game when Vicky called for me.
"TWERP!" she yelled from downstairs. I knew she was just going to torture me, and since I thought I had suffered enough already, I decided to ignore her. She's bound to get tired and give up eventually, I thought. Boy was I ever wrong. About 5 minutes later, Vicky came charging upstairs. She kicked my door open so hard, it broke off its hinges.
"When I call for you, you come right away! Got that?" she screamed.
That's when I snapped. "Y
Ch 1-RememberI waited for a really long time until Mommy came out. She was sitting in a chair with big wheels. Daddy was behind her. I saw that Mommy was holding something.
"Danny, Jazzy, I want you to meet your new baby brother," Mommy said. My big sister, Jazzy, put down her book to come and see. Mommy was holding a very small baby. He had brown hair eyes. He was my little brother.
"Can I hold him, Mommy? Please?" I asked, putting on my cutie face.
"Not now Danny, he's too small. Maybe when he's a little older," Daddy said.
"What should we name him?" Mommy asked.
"Well, I've always thought Timothy would be a good name for our son," Daddy answered.
"TIMMY!" me and Jazzy yelled at the same time.
Mommy and Daddy smiled. "Come on kids, we're going home."
"YAY!" I screamed
When we got home, Mr. and Mrs. Turner were already there. Mommy and Daddy talked with them and Jazzy and me went upstairs to sleep. I didn't feel very tired, I was too excited. In the morning, I would get to play with my baby bwothe
  FOP-Skater BoyI can't believe it. Timmy Turner had actually turned me down (ME! TRIXIE TANG! Of all people!) for that geeky girl, Tootie.
I guess it was my own fault though. He always tried to win me over, or at least get me to talk to him, and I only ignored him and/or hurt him, physically and emotionally. It's just one really thought that we should be together. They all thought that Timmy was a geek (although he  does know some pretty awesome skateboard tricks), and that I was too pretty and popular to be with him. I was just too concerned on keeping my reputtation as the most popular girl in school, I was never able to admit that I actually felt the same for him as he did for me.
I first found out that Timmy and Tootie were together five days ago. I was watching the Chip Skylark concert on TV while babysitting for one of my mom's friends, when I saw Timmy with Chip, slamming on a guitar. I never knew that Timmy could play any kind of instrument, so it really surpr
Until the day I die - side oneshotUntil the day I die
I’ll spill my heart for you, for you
Until the day I die
I’ll spill my heart for you

Timmy was lying on his bed, all alone in his room. He was planning out how the next day would turn out. He had managed to find a gun and a few bullets (which his idiot father had practically just given to him) to use as a first resort. But he was thinking about all the memories he had, the good and the bad, and was deciding if he really should kill himself. He still remembered that promise he made to himself that he would protect the ones he loves until he dies. He had never expected that day to come so quick.
Gary was lying on the bed in the room Remy had let him use. He was staring at the ceiling, remembering all the good times he had with Timmy when they were five. They went through a lot together, and it always hurt to remember the day he was abandoned and stuck in Timmy’s head for five years. When he became real, he was upset with Timmy for leaving him
Damned RegretsRoderich Edelstein thought of himself as preeminent in many things he did. He often tried to show off to others as being a very high class noble; even if he did make some mistakes sometimes his pride wouldn’t allow him to admit them. Because he was so foppish, he didn’t ever partake in any activities that most young men would do, such as hard labour or getting drunk at bars. Yes, the young Austrian’s life was quite refined, simple, and some may find it awfully dull, but that was just the way he liked it.
One fine winter morning, Roderich had decided to take a stroll through the park. The sun was shining brightly against the clear blue sky. Not a single cloud in sight, not a single snowflake was falling. The wind was a bit zephyrous, but the temperature was still warmer than most days. There couldn’t have been a better day for a nice, relaxing-
Roderich was suddenly pulled out from his reverie as a snowball was fired from nowhere and hit him right in the f

Over the years, this site has really changed me. I've learned so much about other people, I can improve on my writing (and maybe a little drawing), and I've even gotten a little closer with my best friend.

I may not always have the time to check my messages and clear my inbox, or even to work on my stories, but this site...well, it kinda saved my life.

Thank you DeviantART, for the many wonderful years and all the good times you've brought. And many more to come!

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